Megan Jones-Holt and Rotary International

Megan Jones-Holt is the District Governor of Rotary International ( and is a member of the Clinton Sunrise Rotary Club (  The Rotary is one of the leading organizations in the world in raising money to fight polio, and we are almost there.

Megan’s portrait photos graces billboards encouraging people to help support the Rotary and its efforts.  Megan came to my photography studio studio about a month ago to create the image for the billboard (seen in the background).  The criteria for this professional portrait were very precise so it could be used for the media campaign.  Naturally, I wanted to get “another” portrait of Megan, this time standing in front of her portrait.

When you hear of events sponsored by the Rotary Club be sure to join in.  The events are fun and the money you contribute is incredibly well managed and used for great causes.

Megan Jones Holt, Rotary International

2 thoughts on “Megan Jones-Holt and Rotary International

  1. Thanks for the feedback. I corrected the links. I enjoyed speaking at a couple of Rotary meetings and look forward to speaking at more, too.

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